By-laws and Covenants

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Current By-Laws


Letter from the Board of Directors


Proposed Covenants

B) Fiesta Village 2022 COVENANT VOTING FINAL.pdf

Covenants Revision Consent Form

(for properties requiring one or two signatures)

C) Approval with one or two signatures.pdf

Current Covenants


Consent Form Instructions

  1. Fill out the form with your Block and Lot numbers. Do not sign before facing the Notary.

  2. All signatures must be notarized.

  3. Find a Notary at a Bank, Real Estate office, Insurance office, Tax office, or phone book.

  4. Typical ownership: Both husband and wife must sign even if title is in only one name.

  5. Conservatorship: The financial conservator must sign.

  6. Estate: The executor must sign. Heirs do not sign unless the distribution has been made after which the inheriting heir becomes the owner and must sign.

  7. Trust: The Trustee must sign.

  8. Corporation: The Corporate President and possibly also the Secretary must sign.

  9. Two or more signatures in different locations: contact us for a special form.

  10. Tenants (renters) do not sign.

Return the signature pages to: Fiesta Village Covenants

205 S. Stewart Road #109

Mission, TX 78572

For questions contact Dave De Morett at 763-772-2363.

Time is of the essence so please sign and return the signature pages as soon as possible.