New Mission Water Department Process

This is the information received as of March 2, 2022. The Mission, Texas Water Department will no longer be taking phone calls to turn water service on or off. You will now need to fill out a form and submit it to the water department with photo ID. You can print or download the form to the right or go to their website at:

Note: there is no meter#, and be sure to check "Temporary"

Two ways to submit your disconnect form:

  • Drop it off at the water department drive thru window at 1201 E 8th Street (access from Fulgencio Velasco III Ave.). You will be asked to show photo ID.

  • Email the form to with a copy or picture of your photo ID


For information and instructions on how to use this life-saving tool. Fill out your form and print it. Order decals to attach to your kit and your door or window.

CDC - Travelers Guidelines

CDC - How to Protect Yourself & Others

Dr. Guteirrez

Hidalgo County Public Health

  1. First and foremost get vaccinated

  2. If you feel ill immediately go to a testing center due to the fact they are now offering the monoclonal antibody infusion for free but it needs to be administered very early on to be effective.

  3. Be aware of those you are around in activity and their vaccine status so that you can protect yourself

  4. Follow CDC guidelines as they are updated almost daily